MCOHome Touch Panel Switch MH-S311 Single Gang

AED 354

  • Wall switch with one integrated relays and scene controller
  • Suitable for British wall boxes
  • Stylish glass touch switch (white) with four buttons
  • Ready-to-fit, incl. glass frame
  • Replaces complete wall switch
  • 4 Relays with up to 1,100W / 230VAC each
  • Integrated status LED
  • Enables Associations
  • For 3-wire systems, neutral needed
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus Z-wave EU


All MCOHome products purchased from iHomeFuture come with two years extended warranty

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Control Lights or scenarios

The MCOHome touch panel switch is a one gang Zwave touch panel that is a perfect touch panel as you can use it to control lights, and devices or run whole scenarios that control the whole house.

Buying MCOHome devices from iHomeFuture from UAE will also gives you the access to full support and advise to design your whole house and use more integration that can cover other devices in the house as well.

TheĀ MCOHome MH-S314 Gen5 is a wall switch with one integrated switch relays for British standard wall boxes allowing you to control scenes with it. The relays can be controlled both with the touch switches, which are integrated into the glass surface and via Z-Wave commands.

It's designed to work with lighting devices, fans, or any other Z-Wave certified device that requires less than 5A. The relay can switch a load with up to 1,100 watts.

With the new function of the scene control now you are able to start your configured scenes with only one touch.

Control Z-Wave devices wirelessly

Z-Wave MCOHome Touch Panel Switch can be configured to wirelessly Z-Wave devices in your home automation system. The connected Single-Load switch can be configured to switch up to five nodes or terminals, and can also be used to monitor the state of the connected devices.

Designed for Lighting Devices

MCOHome Touch Panel switch has been designed to work with connected smart lighting appliances like bulbs, CFLs, ballasts, motors or fans.

Easy Installation

Z-Wave MCO Touch Panel can be conveniently installed onto the junction box with just two screws.

Other Details

Article Dimensions (WxHxL) 85.8 x 41.83 x 85.93 mm
Package Dimensions (WxHxL) 115.5 x 53.72 x 114.5 mm
Article net weight 0.180 Kg
Article gross weight 0.306 Kg
Z-Wave Plus Yes
CE Yes
IP-Rating IP20


All MCOHome products purchased from iHomeFuture come with two years extended warranty