Heltun Z-Wave 700 Fan Coil Thermostat

AED 856

Z-Wave Fan Coil Thermostat for air-conditioning systems control

  • On wall thickness of only 9 mm
  • 30 design combinations: five frames and six glass colors
  • Big informative display with six highly sensitive touch buttons
  • LCD brightness manual and auto control depending on room illumination
  • 7-days temperature schedule
  • Ambient temperature, humidity, and light sensors
  • Software energy consumption meter
  • 5 dry contact channels with a max load of 5A per channel
  • Advanced zero-cross technology
  • Supports 2 and 4 pipe fan coil systems
  • Works both with VAC 85-265 and VDC 24-48
  • Latest Z-Wave 700 platform with S2 security and SmartStart
  • First multi-frequency Z-Wave device


Buy Heltun Z-Wave 700 Fan Coil Thermostat and enjoy 2 years warranty

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When Your Comfort Matters

The HE-FT01 Fan Coil Thermostat is elegantly designed and ‘Impossibly Smart’ providing wireless over-the-Internet control of your home’s fan coil heating/cooling system. It maintains constant room temperatures by using an internal air temperature sensor and controls 2-pipe or 4-pipe air conditioning/heating systems such as split/multi-split systems, chillers and fan coil unit systems, central air conditioning systems, multi-zone VRF/VRV, etc.

HELTUN Z-Wave thermostat integrates seamlessly into your interior design and is available in 30 combinations.

Additional Sensors

When an electronic device carries out its function, a certain amount of heat is generated. As a result, the ambient temperature is usually reported incorrectly, with merely a 1.5-2.0 degrees Celsius precision. HELTUN engineers added two additional internal sensors that consider excess heat generated from the device itself, whilst a special compensating software calculates the ambient temperature with an incredible 0.2-0.3 degrees Celsius precision.

Inputs & Outputs

The HELTUN Fan Coil Thermostat has 5 relay outputs each with max 5A load and two independent inputs for relay channels which allow it to control systems with different power sources for Fan Speed and heating/cooling control. It is possible or to use outputs as dry contacts. E.g. to Input 1 with the required power source is for relay channels 1, 2 and 3, which can be loaded up to a max 15A and used for fan speed control. Input 2 with the required power source is for relay channels 4 and 5, which can be loaded up to a max 10A and used for heating/cooling control


HELTUN touch buttons are so sensitive that they react even before you physically touch them, processing the action at a 1-2mm distance. The buttons are: “SPEED” button to control the fan speed (cooling, heating or ventilation power). "Mode" button to quickly change the operating mode of the thermostat. Hold the Mode button to open settings menu that allows to modify up to 20 various parameters. "Time" button that allows you to quickly adjust the temperature for different time of day. “Climate” button – for selecting climate mode: Heating and Cooling, Heating only, Cooling only, Ventilation only. "+" and "-" buttons for adjusting the temperature.


HELTUN thermostat’s large LCD screen shows all the necessary information simultaneously and does not require any additional commands to access it. There is an instant access to information from all sensors: ambient room temperature, air humidity, data from the external sensor (e.g. floor, decking or roof temperature), current temperature settings, Thermostat’s operational mode, date and time. Automatic screen brightness control seamlessly adjusts to the ambient light conditions, making it easy to read even in the dark.

Operating Modes

COM and ECO modes constantly maintain the set temperature. The user can easily change the temperature set for each mode. To do this, simply press the "Mode" button to select the desired mode, and use the "+" and "-" buttons to set the required temperature. TIME mode allows to set a different temperature for Morning, Day, Evening and Night period for each 7 days of the week.

Climate Modes

In Heating & Cooling mode the thermostat will constantly maintain the desired temperature. If the ambient room temperature will be higher than the Set Temperature the device will go to the Cooling state. In case the room temperature drops the thermostat will go to the Heating state. In Heating only mode the thermostat will go to Heating state if the ambient room temperature will be lower than the Set Temperature and will go to IDLE state if the room temperature is higher than that required. In Cooling only mode the thermostat will go to Cooling state if the ambient room temperature will be higher than the Set Temperature and will go to IDLE state if the room temperature is lower than required. In Ventilation mode the thermostat will only ventilate.

Time Mode

Reduce your power bill by up to 50% and help look after the environment by activating the TIME mode. Adjust home temperature according to your habits by reducing it while you are away from home and increasing it in the evenings and early mornings. On average, people spend about 12-14 hours a day at home. The rest of the time the house is empty and only needs minimum heating. Consider 7/8 hours of sleeping time in the hours spent at home, keeping in mind that the optimal sleeping temperature is considered to be 18 degrees Celsius. The thermostat can be set individually for morning, day, evening, and night. For example, it can be assigned for Monday morning starting at 7.00, then day temperature starting at 9.00 (when absent for work, etc.), then evening starting at 18:00 (half an hour before occupants return). The night regime then begins at 23.30 (bedtime). You can have separate temperature settings for all 4 periods. But this is not all; as the temperature can be programmed for each day of the week, weekends can be handled differently.

Fan Speed

Fan Speed (heating, cooling or ventilation power) can be controlled manually or in Auto mode. There are 4 speed levels – Off, Low, Medium, High. In Auto mode the thermostat logic will automatically select the speed level regarding the difference of the desired temperature and ambient room temperature.


Hysteresis defines when the thermostat should switch the heating on or off when temperature changes. For example, if the desired temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and hysteresis value is set to 0.5 degrees, it will switch the heating on when ambient temperature drops to 24.5 degrees Celsius. The higher your hysteresis value is set, the more energy you can save but at the same time the variations in your room temperature will be higher. The factory default is 0.5 degrees.

Safe & Save

In case of a power cut or disconnection from the main power source, internal memory is not erased – once you switch the device back on, all your saved settings will be fully functional. To prevent children from meddling with your thermostat settings, you can activate the special child-safe mode.

Easy Installation

HELTUN devices can be easily installed into any standard wall socket (rectangular or round type).


Buy Heltun Z-Wave 700 Fan Coil Thermostat and enjoy 2 years warranty