KNX Certified Basic Course

What is KNX?

  • KNX is a standardized communication protocol for building automation systems.
  • KNX was developed in the 1990s as a merger of three existing building automation protocols: the European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), the BatiBUS, and the European Installation Bus (EIB).
  • KNX allows for the integration of multiple systems in a building (e.g. lighting, heating, ventilation, security, etc.) into a single, unified control system. This can improve energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience for building occupants.

Applications of KNX

  • KNX can be used in a wide range of building types and sizes, from small residential buildings to large commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Some examples of common applications for KNX include:
    • Lighting control: KNX can be used to control the intensity, color, and location of lights in a building. This can improve energy efficiency and create a more pleasant ambiance for occupants.
    • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) control: KNX can be used to control the temperature, humidity, and air flow in a building. This can help optimize comfort and energy efficiency.
    • Security and access control: KNX can be used to control access to a building or specific areas within a building. This can include door locks, security cameras, and alarm systems.
    • Energy management: KNX can be used to monitor and control energy consumption in a building. This can include monitoring the use of electricity, gas, and water, as well as controlling appliances and systems to optimize energy efficiency.

Advantage of KNX Certified Basic training:

The KNX Basic course is the first course that one must attend in order to become a KNX Partner and to be listed as a KNX Partner on the KNX website.

The course covers essential topics to build your KNX professional knowledge, it covers theoretical parts and practical parts.

Once you pass the exams of the course you become an official KNX partner, you also get a voucher of discount that can be used on KNX association web site.

Why taking the KNX certified basic course with iHomeFuture?

  • The course is totally approved and organize with KNX association.
  • We use the approved KNX course material from KNX association.
  • Provide additional topics to serve the practical need including real project example and best practices.
  • The training is using approved training kits from KNX association.
  • The course is provided by a certified KNX tutor with many years of experience in the filed of smart homes.
  • Our training rigs are from multi vendor in order to show students how to deal with many brands together.
  • We provide collection of questions to help you pass the theoretical exam with ease.
  • The course contents and schedule is designed in order to utilize student’s time in the best way possible.

To enroll or for more info, please send an email to or whatsapp

+971 52 509 4225

  • Date : 1/3/2023 - 2/3/2023
  • Reg. Deadline : 24/2/2023 12:00 AM
  • Venue : Dubai

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